2012 Grey Cup Pool Chairman, Bruce Cameron, is happy to announce the 2012 pool winners! Thank you to all the fantastic Chapter volunteers who sold the Series A and B tickets. Thank you to Bruce Cameron and Bev Jones who worked the table at the Health Sciences Center on November 23rd. Thank you to Wayne Wolanski and Tony Tavares for working the table at Sobey’s, Unicity on November 23rd.

Series A was completely sold out! There were some tickets left in Series B. We still have some outstanding tickets and money from our sellers but all the winning tickets are accounted for.


Grey Cup Pool: Series A Winners

Lynda Henson, Jacquie Thompson, Joan Ransom, Peter Hibberd, Lisa Arsenault, Greig Blamey, Dave Verrier, Valerie Douglas, Emma Doerksen, Rick Grzenda, Brad Cousineau, Jason Ramsay, Andrew Stepanik, Brad Friesen, Ashton Kilford, Chris Hill, Elaine Davidson, Dianne Pratt, Keith Colquhoun, Victor Lesaiohuk , Gabe Heise, Debbie Kidder, Scott Miller, Peter Colwill

Grey Cup Pool: Series B Winners

Rose Jacobson, Deb Pearson, Ed Yaskiw, L. Wolanski, Joe Reidy, Greig Blamey, Bruce Cameron, Jamie Zalizniak, Aaron Mitchell, Melodie Mazurek, Linda Laxdal, Doug Ross, Michael Bogley, Randy Reimer