Are you a “foodie”? Do you like throwing a great party? Do you benefit from Chapter programs and services? The Gala Dinner is the Chapter’s most significant fundraiser. The revenue from this event allows us to offer servicesĀ  like parking at the hospital, crutches and Medical Alert bracelets. It provides the resources for services that are not funded through grants from our funding partners.

The 2014 Gala Committee Chairperson is Laura Townshend. Laura has been on the Gala committee for many years now. The Chapter celebrated the Gala’s 10th anniversary this year and Laura is looking to start the next decade of events with some exciting new ideas. Can you help?

The current committee has 12 members and is looking to expand. There is no pressure for new committee members to attend every planning meeting. They can choose a sub-committee and focus on that work. We have retained committee members over many years because the groups works well together and has a good time doing their work. The current committee will welcome you with open arms! Can you join us?

To have a look at the different volunteer opportunities for this committee, please visitĀ  Gala Dinner Volunteer Positions

To learn more about the Gala, please visit the CHS-MC Gala website

The first 2014 Gala Committee meeting is Thursday, September 19th – 6 PM at the Chapter office. If you’d like to come and see what it’s all about before committing, that would be great! We hope to hear from you!! Contact Us