MB900330095Grey Cup Pool Fundraiser Chairman, Wayne Wolanski ran a very successful 2014 Pool! Wayne would like to thank the 38 Chapter members who sold pool tickets this year. Thank you to Marlene Permanand, Bruce and Katherine Cameron who sold tickets at HSC. The 2014 Pool raised $4,545 for Chapter programs and services. Cheques have been sent to 2014 Pool winners.

2014 Grey Cup Pool Series A Winners

K. Gobeil, S. Keilback, S. Kornago, C. Marchand, L. Bjarnason, D. Bayes, S. Normandeau, P. Robertson, D. Doerksen, J. Medwid

2014 Grey Cup Pool Series B Winners

D. Gawaziuk, L. Johnson, R. Ramalheiro, W. Slota, B. Rebeiro, D. Black, N. Polischuk, T. Kilford, I. Ferley, M. Thiessen,

M. Mackay, L. Hubbard, D. Hupalo, M. Gata, C. Kasak, F. Scanlon, H. Neufeld