hemo-logoIn an effort to bring young volunteers into the Canadian Hemophilia Society, Manitoba Chapter’s (CHS-MC), and in recognition that a sound education is of utmost importance (particularly for those who might not be able to succeed in a vocation requiring strenuous physical labor), CHS-MC offers the opportunity for those who qualify to receive a Community Service Award to attend a post-secondary institution of their choice.  Those wishing to upgrade and/or retrain are also eligible to apply to this program.

All applications will be reviewed by a committee of persons appointed by the Board of Directors of CHS-MC whose decisions shall be final.  The award will be paid to the successful applicants through the educational institution which they attend.

Community service awards shall be subject to funding availability. At the discretion of the review committee, applicants applying for a community service award may be awarded up to a maximum of $2 000. Additional Academic Achievement Awards may be awarded to qualified applicants to a maximum of $500.

2015 Application Community Service Award  Information for Referees 2015

How to Apply

2015 Community Service Award Program
Canadian Hemophilia Society,
Manitoba Chapter
944 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 0R1

 Applications and all supporting documents must be received by July 10th, 2015