greycupThank you to the Manitoba members who sold pool tickets for the Chapter! We had 36 members take tickets to sell and we manned 4 tables to sell to the public. Congratulations on a job well done!

Thank you to the fantastic group of guys who are the Grey Cup Pool Committee: Bruce Cameron, Tony Tavares and Wayne Wolanski.

Thank you to Wayne Wolanski and the Linda Laxdal/Nancy Nagy team for selling the most tickets – 150 each! Honourable mentions to John Rogasky and the Prestayko family who sold 120 tickets and to Ron Silver, Colleen Jones and Sandra Penner who each sold 80 tickets!

We are excited to announce the 2016 Grey Cup Pool winners for 2016:

Series A – Green Tickets

Dana Conrad, Jeff Regan, Sheila Kornago, Elaine Davidson, Linda Laxdal, Jack Graham, Allan Abosh, Nancy Rondeau, Brad Friesen, Pauline Jones, Rick Clement, Linda Randall H., Raber, Lawrence Nuytten, Chris Thomas, Shelley Kern, Amanda Nuttall, Brad Friesen, Gary Kelley, Ken Langton, Mel Locken, Mark Dawybida, Nancy Nagy, Cecil McTavish, John Philip Intac

Series B – Yellow Tickets

Nixon Twiss, Gail Yurkiw, Melody Shute, Debbie Kaus, Lloyd Hadder, John Schmitke, Evelyn Prestayko, Melvin Dudar, Shane Keilback, Bill Featherstone, Loraine Lysak, Michael Hinds-Paul, Tom Dachnicki, Diane Hupalo, Kim Parasiuk, Jim Ward, Jeff Pinnell, Robert Dodunski, Rodney Fewchuk