FreeVector-Blood-DropI need your help.

In 2015 we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Manitoba Chapter. It has been quite a journey. A series of celebrations are being planned throughout the year and I agreed to coordinate these.

We want to prepare some posters for display at these events that will tell our stories: where we came from, how many things changed over the years (yes, some were bad changes), our hopes for the future.

What I would like from you is your STORIES and any PHOTOS that you would agree to share.

I know that some of you have STORIES about how the support that you received from the chapter helped you on your journey- either at the time when you received the diagnosis and didn’t know where to turn, or after an operation when you needed equipment, or when you had to travel to Winnipeg and the chapter helped with your expenses. We won’t use your name unless you want us to.

And I am pretty sure that some of you have PHOTOS of times when you (or your child) had the most AMAZING bruises, or the HUGEST swollen knee, or the HEAVIEST cast or splint….  I have some great photos in my own archives, and there are some in the chapter office, but I bet you have more somewhere. If you send them, I will assume that you understand that these will be used for public displays outside the bleeding disorders community are comfortable with this.

Please send your stories and photos to Christine at the Chapter office and I will get to work.

Thanks for your Help

Kathy Mulder

Physiotherapist (retired)

MB Bleeding Disorders Team.