heartChapter volunteers came together to enjoy the afternoon on December 8th and to celebrate their accomplishments in 2013. Thank you to the Volunteer Committee: Ashley Tolton, Committee Chair, Bev Jones, Katherine Cameron and Bruce Cameron for the wonderful party and for all your efforts throughout the year to engage and maintain our amazing group of volunteers! Thank you to Dana Beljanic for adding to the tasty treats! Thank you Bill Featherstone for taking the pictures!

The theme for the 2013 party was, “Hats Off to Our Volunteers”. Invitees were encouraged to wear silly hats and they did!

Katherine Cameron and Bev Jones were recognized as  “Party Planners Extraordinaire”.

The Chapter relies on volunteers to create and maintain Chapter programs and services. In 2013, the Chapter has 31 individuals who volunteer on Chapter Program and Fundraising Committees another 33 people who are episodic volunteers.

To see all the pictures please visit: Party Pictures   If you are interested in volunteering please visit: http://bit.ly/HOjEtc