Board Profiles

John SJohn Schmitke, President

Chair, CHS-MC Youth Committee

John Schmitke became President of CHS-MC as of April and a CHS-MC Board Director in 2009. He is currently the Manager of Big Way Foods in Morris, Manitoba. In 2003 John was presented with the Chapter’s “Youth Recognition Award” for his work mentoring young members learning self-infusion. John was accepted to the “Step Up and Reach Out” program for youth with hemophilia in 2009. This program provided him with leadership training and an opportunity to meet hemophiliacs from around the world. John was awarded the “Youth Recognition Award” at the Annual General Meeting in April 2012. John is currently the Chairman of the CHS-MC Youth Committee and is very active with the CHS National Youth Committee. John is an accomplished speaker and delivers talks on the subject of engaging in your healthcare.

Manitoba Hemophilia Gala - The 40th anniversary of the Manitoba chapter.



John Rogasky, Past President

Chair, Healthy Ageing Committee

John Rogasky was Chapter president from 2013-2016. John is a Sales Manager and Dealer Support for Arne’s Welding Ltd. John joined the CHS-MC Board in 2007 and he has worked on the Client Services Committee, the Gala Committee and the Healthy Aging Committee, filling the roll as Chairman of both the Gala Committee and the Healthy Aging Committee. John was the 2015 recipient of the “Stuart Johnson Award” and in 2007 received  the Chapter’s “Volunteer of the Year Award”.John has given a great deal of time in service of people with rare bleeding disorders. He has been on the planning committee for CHS’s first Rare Bleeding Disorders Conference and continues to speak at conferences about rare bleeding disorders.


Cory Prestayko, Vice PresidentCory Prestayko, CHS-MC President

Cory joined the Chapter’s Board of Directors in 2001 only taking a break for one year in 2014. Cory is a long time Gala Committee member. As the co-chairman of the Chapter’s Communications Committee, Cory saw the Chapter grow a social media presence with a website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Cory won the Chapter’s “Volunteer of the Year” in 2005. He was a past volunteer for the CHS National Youth Committee. In 2006 he won the CHS Karttik Shah Youth Fellowship award that allowed him to attend the World Congress of Hemophilia in Vancouver and participate in training sessions for youth in the bleeding disorders community.

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Bill Featherstone, Treasurer

Chair, Golf Tournament

Bill has been retired since 1999. His professional background has been electronics technology and in the recent past, management and labour relations. Bill was originally elected to the Chapter Board in 1983. He was chairperson of the Building Committee in 1987 when we built our bingo hall and office complex. He has served as President of the Board during the late 80’s and 90’s and also served as CHS National Treasurer for three years. In 2005, Bill came back to the Chapter in a more active role again as Past-President. Ironically, he oversaw the selling of the building and as President in 2007, the organizations’s reinvention. Bill was awarded the Chapter’s “Special Recognition Award” in 2007 for his leadership in navigating the Chapter through tough economic times. In 2010, Bill stepped down as President and continues to be a dedicated member of the Board as our Treasurer. From  2010 to 2013 Bill became CHS National Treasurer for a second time. At the CHS Rendez-Vous Winnipeg 2013 Bill was given the CHS National award for Chapter Leadership for his excellent work and leadership serving the Manitoba Chapter.


peter cPeter Czehryn, Secretary

Peter was elected to the CHS-MC Board in 2014 and was elected to the Board Executive in 2015. He is a mild hemophiliac and has volunteered with the chapter for over 35 years.  He began volunteering by selling colouring books and Grey Cup tickets and moving on to bowl-a-thons, car washes, Bingos, Puma races and Walk ‘n Roll-a-Thons.  He worked on the organizing committee for the Tainted Blood Commemoration and is currently sitting on the National HIV-Hepatitis Committee.  He has also joined the Twinning Project Committee with the Manitoba Chapter.


Ashley Tphoto for board profile 2013olton, Director

Chair, Volunteer Committee

Ashley became a volunteer with the Chapter in 2006 through the PUMA Road Running Series for Hemophilia. As the first chairman of the Chapter’s Volunteer Committee she has led this group to develop an award winning volunteer program for the Chapter. Ashley first joined the Chapter Board in 2007 and was elected to the Board Executive in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Ashley was awarded the Chapter’s “Volunteer of the Year Award” in 2008 and again in 2010 as a member of the Volunteer Committee. From 2010-2014, Ashley has expanded her role to include volunteering for CHS National where she shared her experience managing volunteers as both member and chairperson of the Chapter Relations Committee.


Shane Keilback, Director2013_04_23_0041

Chair, Client Services

Shane Keilback is an SAP Consultant and is the father of two boys with hemophilia. Shane first joined the Board in 2002 and celebrated 10 years of Board service at the 2011 Annual General Meeting. In the past, Shane served as Chairman of the Youth Committee and is the current chairman of the Client Services  Committee. Shane has been a member of the Gala Committee for eight years and frequent volunteer at Chapter events and fundraisers. Shane was instrumental in the planning and delivery of the Chapter’s first “Just the Guys Getaway”. In 2012, Shane received the Chapter’s “Volunteer of the Year Award” for his many years of faithful service.


Unselfie 3006Bruce Cameron, Director

Co-Chair Grey Cup Pool Committee

Bruce Cameron retired after a wonderful 30 year career working with the intellectually disabled. He was a Trustee with the Resident Benefit Fund at the Manitoba Developmental Center. He also volunteered with the Manitoba Riding for the Disabled. Bruce joined the CHS-MC Board in 2010.

Bruce and his wife Katherine began volunteering with the Chapter’s Gala Dinner in 2006 and they are both on the Chapter’s Volunteer Committee. Bruce was Chairman of the Chapter’s 2010 Halloween Social. Bruce received the Chapter’s “Volunteer of the Year Award” as a member of the Volunteer Committee in 2010. Bruce was awarded the “Emperor of Errands” and “Volunteer of the Year” in 2012. Bruce continues to expand his volunteer commitment at the Chapter by acting as Chairman of the Grey Cup Pool in 2012 and joining the Golf Committee in 2013. Bruce has two great nephews with hemophilia.



JakeJacob Figler, Director

Co-Chair, Communications Committee

Jacob Figler lives in Winnipeg and works as a Tech for Prairie Parking Systems. Jacob joined the CHS-MC Board in 2014. Jacob has been becoming more involved in his Bleeding Disorder and the bleeding disorder community in recent years. He hopes to put his background in creative arts and film to work, teaching youth about their bleeding disorders in fun and engaging ways. In 2015, Jacob was presented with the Chapter’s “Youth Recognition Award”. In 2014-15 he completed the Step Up and Reach Out program to further his leadership skills.


Milena Pirnat MD.,MSc, DirectorMilena Award

Chair, Education Committee

Chair, Twinning Committee

Milena has an adult son with hemophilia. Milena believes strongly that the mothers in the bleeding disorders community need to connect with each other. As a result she is the founder of the “Hemophilia Mother” Facebook page and blog that supports women managing bleeding disorders. Locally, she is the Chairperson of the Education Committee. She is also one of  the Manitoba Chapter’s CODERouge Ambassador. Continuing to champion women and bleeding disorders, she is also a MyGirlsBlood Ambassador.  In recognition of her tireless work for women with bleeding disorders and for her work on the Chapter’s Education Committee, Milena received the “Special Recognition Award” in 2012. In 2015 Milena received the Chapter’s “Volunteer of the Year Award”. In recognition of her tireless work for women with bleeding disorders and for her work on the Chapter’s Education Committee, Milena received the “Shaw Media – Global News Women in Leadership Award” in 2016, the Chapter’s 2015  “Volunteer of the Year Award” and the Chapter’s “Special Recognition  Award” in 2012.


Tony TTony Tavares, Director

Co-Chair Grey Cup Pool Committee

Tony joined the Chapter Board of Directors in 1981! In that time, Tony has served on every Chapter working committee. In 2015 Tony was awarded the William Norrie Outstanding Community Leadership Award for his long-time volunteer and advocacy efforts of people living with bleeding disorders. Tony was awarded the “Volunteer of the Year Award” in 2003 and he also received the “Stuart Johnson Award” in 2003. He has been a significant contributor to CHS National with his work on the Youth Committee and the HIV/HCV Task Force. Tony was instrumental in achieving indexation for those members receiving the Multi-Provincial/Territorial Assistance Program. Tony plans the Chapter’s bi-annual Men’s Retreat program. He was the Chapter’s delegate to the CHS Rendez-Vous Calgary conference in 2011 and attended the Ageing and Hemophilia Forum. He is currently a member of the Healthy Ageing Committee and the Golf Committee. Tony continues to be a friend and mentor to all those living with an inherited bleeding disorder.


Eric Keilback, DirectorEric board

Youth Committee

Eric Keilback joined the CHS-MC Board in 2017. He is currently studying Political Science in the honours program at University of Manitoba and hopes to eventually study law. He has spent time volunteering with the Chapter on several events such as the annual gala and golf tournament. Eric was awarded the CHS James Kreppner Memorial Scholarship in 2016 and attended the WFH World Congress in Florida, that same year. Eric currently sits on the Youth Committee and has helped planned events such as the annual Chapter canoe trip. He hopes to raise youth engagement and participation with the Chapter in the future.