As you know by now, the CHS has been supporting efforts to get CAMR ‘fixed’.

Bill C-398 — to amend Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime in order to get life-saving, generic medicines to those most in need in developing countries — is now going through its second reading in the House of Commons. The second hour of debate for the bill is anticipated for November 21, 2012.

This is a critical time for the bill, and especially for all those who await the fulfillment of Canada’s promise of accessible, affordable medicines for all. We would like to ask you to support our collective advocacy efforts and build momentum for the swift passage of Bill C-398 through the legislative process by taking these simple steps:

1. Visit the following websites  and . These sites contain important information about the bill and are essential reading for advocates.

2. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues (and via any listservs) that people can take e-action by visiting www.medicinesforal l /  and signing their name to an email to Members of Parliament, expressing their support for Bill C-398.

It’s fast and easy, and will make a big impact if we show our support en masse.

Also, attached is a media release being distributed on behalf of the 17 communities across the country holding events to urge passing C-398—most of the events are being held on November 1st.    A vote at second reading is expected on November 28 —this vote will be extremely close and may be lost in which case the bill is dead.

If at all possible,  join GRAN members and supporters if you are in a community where a rally is  is being held and also consider  passing  on information about the rallies to your contacts in communities where they are held.  To find where events are being held, go to:

Please spread the word.  Any help you can give to publicize these rallies means more people at the events= more media=more MP attention to the level of public support!