hemo-logoCHS-MC Board elections are held each year at the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year the AGM will be held on Saturday April 16th at Fort Whyte Alive. www.fortwhyte.org The AGM has several important functions. Members receive reports from Board Committee Chairpersons and Chapter staff. The 2015 financial statement, a financial summary and the 2016 budget will be put forth to the membership for approval.

Call for nominations; to elect members to the 2016-2017 Board of Directors. There are two documents pertaining to the election. These are: 1) CHS-MC Board Election Nomination Form 2016 2) Election Proxy Forms 2016 These may be photo copied. Please note the deadline dates to receive nominations and proxy forms found on the forms. The forms are also located in Volunteer Board Positions. Please contact the office if you require us to mail you copies of the forms. We are happy to do so.

In the Volunteer Board Positions section of the Chapter website you can see a description of each position that includes the duties and time requirements. For Executive Officer positions, preference will be given to experienced Board members, (current or previous). These positions, with the exception of the Past-President, are available each year as they are 1 year terms. Vacant or expiring Directorships are available to all members in good standing with one vote.


Any positions that are not filled at the AGM or become vacant during the current term, will be filled by appointment by the new Board and expire at the next AGM. They must be re-elected at that time.

All of the board positions have job descriptions in the “Volunteer Opportunities” section of the web site. The Nomination and Proxy forms are there to download as well. If you have any questions about any of the positions, please call Christine.

Please call or email the office to register for the Annual General Meeting.