blood-drop-2-menSaturday, April 14, 2018 

Time and location TBD

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) celebrates the accomplishments of the Chapter in the past year, to hold Board elections and to recognise Chapter volunteers. Come out and meet new members and visit with old friends!



Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting has several important functions:

  • Members receive reports from Board Committee Chairpersons and Chapter staff.
  • The 2017 financial statement, a financial summary and the 2018 budget will be put forth to the membership for approval.
  • Electing the Board Executive and available Board Directorships


If you would like to review the Board positions and their job descriptions, please visit Board Volunteer Job Descriptions or we will put you in touch with the Nomination Committee Chair, John Rogasky. If you would like to learn about the Chapter’s current Board, please visit Board Profiles.

Nominations & Proxies

Nominations must be into the office by Friday March 30th. Please download a 2018 CHS-MC Board Election Nomination Form  and have it sent into the Chapter office by March 30th. If you would like us to mail a form to you, please contact the office.

Proxy forms must be into the office by Wednesday, April 11th. Please download a 2018 Election Proxy Forms and have it into the office by April 11th. If you would like us to mail a form to you, please contact the office.

Executive and Board positions available or not available for election are as follows: