The Women and Bleeding Disorders seminar held on October 1st raised questions about how women can access the adult side of the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program. For this segment, here is some information on the process to access carrier testing through the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program.

Adult women with family members with hemophilia, may want to know if they are carriers of hemophilia. To begin the process, you need to ask your Primary Care Provider for a referral to the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program. A formal referral to the Program gives them a medical professional to communicate with, and also creates a formal chart in CancerCare Manitoba for your records.

It is important to tell your Primary Care Provider to address the referral to the Bleeding Disorders Program and send it to the Referrals Office at CancerCare Manitoba. Please tell the medical professional the referral needs to say ‘family history of hemophilia, and potential carrier’. If you have had any prior bleeding issues, this is the time to highlight those.

Once the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program has received the referral, they will contact you to arrange a clinic appointment.