A Negative

Even though one in 100 Canadians carries an inherited bleeding disorder gene, many remain undiagnosed. In an effort to educate a younger audience about the symptoms and risks of bleeding disorders, the CHS has developed an e-novella – entitled “A Negative” – to spread the word in an engaging and memorable way.

Playing off the popular Harlequin romance genre, “A Negative” tells the story of a young woman unknowingly living with von Willebrand disease. CHS has published the e-novella on Wattpad – the world’s largest online community of writers and readers – in order to connect with young women across Canada. This unique approach introduces the issue into a different medium, enabling us to speak to and educate an engaged but unsuspecting audience.

Check out this new and engaging awareness initiative on bleeding disorders that takes health education to a new level at http://bit.ly/anegative