Jake Figler and Eric Keilback invite Chapter men with bleeding disorders between the ages of 16 and 35 to join them in Riding Mountain National Park June 22nd to June 24th. The Youth Committee has booked three oTENTiks for the weekend and will provide transportation to the park. Enjoy the beauty of Riding Mountain and the activities the park has to offer. MBDP physiotherapist, Greig Blamey will be joining the group for an education session. We hope you will consider coming! The guys who went last year want to go again so you know it was worth going.

Curious about oTENTiks? It’s “glamping” at its finest! Parks Canada oTENTIk

Just download 2018 CHS-MC Guys Camping Registration fill it out, and email it back. Please get it in as soon as possible so we will know if we need to rent a second vehicle. If you choose to drive, we will pay your gas. The only cost to you is any treats you choose to bring.

If you live outside Winnipeg, contact the office after May 28th and we can figure out how to get you to Winnipeg in time for the 11 am departure on the 22nd.

Have questions? Send an email to the office and we’ll forward it to Eric and Jake.

Thank you to our Guys Camping Trip Sponsor: