The Chapter is inviting you, as a client of the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program (the Program), to participate in a survey. Patient Survey

The Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program was formally established as a provincial program in 2006 to provide quality comprehensive care to people diagnosed with congenital bleeding disorders. The Program consists of hematologists, nurses, physiotherapists and a social worker for both adults and children. The objective of this survey is to understand patients’ experiences with the care and support they receive from the Program.

For the first time, we are inviting (female) carriers of bleeding disorders, symptomatic and non-symptomatic, to participate. If you are both a carrier AND a parent of a minor child with a bleeding disorder, you can complete this survey TWICE- once as a parent and once as a carrier.

You can download and print the survey. Patient Survey PDF. If you require a printed copy or a second printed copy of the survey, please email or call 204.775.8625 and we will gladly mail it to you!