Summer is coming and it’s time to think about summer sports activities. The Chapter and the Physiotherapists¬† from the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program, created the Sports Bursary program to encourage children with bleeding disorders to participate in approved sports activities.

  • The program is targeted at Chapter members, under the age of 16, with moderate or severe inherited bleeding disorders.
  • CHS-MC will fund two bursaries per year (at a maximum of $100 each) per child, per year.
  • Funding may be used for registration fees and or safety equipment required for the sport.
  • The activity must include instruction from a qualified individual.
  • Funding does not include club drop-in fees or health club membership.
  • All activities require consultation and co-signature from a Care team Physiotherapist PRIOR to commencing the activity.
  • Funding will be dispersed after an application form is submitted to the Chapter together with the original receipt of cost and evidence of completion. (signature from the instructor)
  • The Activity cannot be the “medium/high and high risk” categories. The sport categories are listed in the Sports Bursary¬† application below.

Sports Bursary Program