11038475_456644181164698_1685041293781098203_nMilena Pirnat and Paulette Cote, two members of the twinning committee, recently successfully completed their assessment visit to Mongolia.  We spent ten days in Ulan Bator from July 17th – July 28th.  During our time there, we met with board members from the Mongolian National Association of Hemophilia (MNAH), to exchange each other’s organizational presentations. We also had opportunities to tour their Transfusion Centre, their adults’ and children’s hospitals and to meet the medical teams working directly with their hemophilia population.

 We were excited to take part in their first ever day camp located outside the city at Tsonjin Boldog, location of the Genghis Khan’s world’s largest equestrian statue.  The day was filled with educational activities, children’s crafts, recreational activities and the shared tour of the Genghis Khan museum.  Despite the language barrier, we were able to establish many new friendships with members of the bleeding disorders community in Mongolia.

 Our final days were spent in meetings working on the twinning application that we hope to be approved by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), who sponsors the program.  Once we are official twins, we look forward to a four year union sharing educational and organizational resources and cultural exchange between the two societies.  Our photos will give you a glimpse into our exciting adventure in Mongolia.

The CHS-MC Twinning Cmmittee is Milena Pirnat, Paulette Cote, Peter Czehryn, Alex Czehryn and Nick Czehryn.

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