On Sunday December 2nd, Chapter volunteers gathered at the Portage Avenue office to celebrate their achievements of 2012. This year’s celebration recognized that our volunteers are the shining stars of our organization because their hard work is what makes the efforts our Chapter possible. Without them, none of the programs and services would be achievable.

This year, for the first time, the Volunteer Committee presented recognition awards to two volunteers whose efforts and achievements on their respective committees truly stood out from the crowd.

The first award was presented to Lynda Regan for her work with the Gala Committee. Lynda joined the Gala Committee in 2009. She helped on the various subcommittees and her experience as a professional display artist was a real asset to attracting silent auction dollars.  In 2011 Lynda became the Gala Committee Chairperson and she has proven to be a strong leader and a very efficient meeting chairperson. Thank you Lynda for all you do.

Our second award recipient, Steve Blayney, was nominated by the Ingrid Olson and the 2012 Golf Tournament Committee, and was recognized for helping with the golf tournament. Steve has experience in organizing many golf tournaments and this year he provided extensive knowledge and wisdom to those on the committee who were not golfers. He devoted a significant amount of time to committee work and solicited several sponsorships and prizes to the tournament. Thank you Steve for your volunteer efforts.


Congratulations to both Steve and Lynda on their awards. A big thanks to them and all our volunteers for their hard work throughout the year, it is greatly appreciated. In 2012 the Chapter had over 40 enthusiastic individuals helping out at different events and on various projects and committees. These volunteers together gave over 850 hours this past year which is around 16 volunteer hours each week. Thanks to all the volunteers for all their hard work in 2012. We look forward to another great year!

Thanks also to the Volunteer Committee (Katherine Cameron, Bruce Cameron, Bev Jones, and Ashley Tolton) for hosting this enjoyable party with extra special thanks to Kathy and Bev for all their party planning skills, delicious food and beautiful decorations for the afternoon.