Why become a member of the Canadian Hemophilia Society and the Manitoba Chapter? There are many benefits for those living with an inherited bleeding disorder. Please go to the CHS website at www.hemophilia.ca to lean about the programs and resources available.  For Manitobans with an inherited bleeding disorder, please visit the Member Services section of the Manitoba website www.hemophiliamb.ca for more details about direct services and programs offered.

A letter from the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program has been sent out to every registered patient in Manitoba that included a note from the Manitoba Chapter, a registration form, and a pamphlet outlining the benefits of membership. Even if you are currenty registered with the Manitoba Chapter,  please fill out and return the form. You can also register with the on-line form found at www.hemophilia.ca/en/about-the-chs/membership.

The Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) has been working to improve the quality of life of people with inherited bleeding disorders since its founding in 1953. The organization will be celebrating its 60 years in 2013. The national organization and its chapters in each province have worked closely with physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and social workers to make available the best care possible in our clinics across the country. The CHS has been instrumental over the past two decades in making sure that people with bleeding disorders have access to the most advanced clotting factor concentrates. In addition, the CHS invests close to half a million dollars each year in Canadian research to improve care and find a cure.

The Canadian Hemophilia Society, Manitoba Chapter Inc. (CHS-MC) is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization that was formalized in 1965 and incorporated in 1979. The Chapter was initially created to support individuals and families managing Hemophilia, an inherited bleeding disorder. The Chapter now welcomes ans supports people with all inherited bleeding disorders.

The mission of CHS-MC is to:

“improve the quality of life for those affected by hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders through support, service, research, education and advocacy.”

There is strength in numbers! Please send in your form!