photo BPChristine (Executive Director CHS-MC) asked me to share my first experience with Rendez-Vous 2017 and I definitely can say that it was a great opportunity to learn and to share my personal story.

As a new member of the CHS-MC, I was excited about everything during the Rendez-Vous 2017 and all meetings and presentations were just awesome, especially personal stories of hemophiliacs. It was very influencing for everyone at the conference. I would like to pass a huge thankfulness to David Page, Pam Wilton and the Team they are doing a really great job – Thank you so much for everything you’re doing!

Of course, during the conference I’ve learned a lot of useful information, but I believe the most valuable about this annual meeting its people. I always had a feeling that its one huge family from coast to coast of the country hanging out after one year break.

Also I was very lucky to meet a wonderful group of Manitobans: John, Milena, Deni, Bojan, and Eric. Thanks guys for the company and your time.

There were so many excellent topics during the Rendez-Vous 2017, but the most interesting personally for me were:

–  A Brave new world in coagulation therapies –it’s a future;

– CBDR – definitely will use it;

– Women and bleeding disorders – my daughter is a carrier;

– Standards of care for Hemophilia and Advocacy workshop.

My main goal when I decided to attend the conference was to gain new knowledge and I know that I got it.

Thank you to Christine, the CHS-MC Board and CHS for the great experience!!!


Borys Pavlovskyy