After the Education Committee’s successfully organized “Women & Bleeding Disorders Brunch”, which took place on February 19th, 2012, we were excited to have media exposure in the Winnipeg Free Press.  It was here that the CODEROUGE poster and material were publicly promoted for the first time.  

 On May 25, 2012, the first ever CODEROUGE Conference was held in Toronto.   Subsequently, on June 20th, 2012 we had a meeting with members of the Manitoba Chapter at which we did a presentation about the conference.  At this meeting, we gave out flyers for chapter members to help spread the word.  In addition, we have been distributing some posters and pamphlets to physician and dental offices, and fitness centres but are still looking for other ways to distribute the materials in bulk.

 The CODEROUGE committee has decided that we should connect with the medical community (physicians, specifically gynecologists, physician assistants, nurses and midwifes) to help and educate and make them aware of late diagnostics for women with bleeding disorders. We will also be adding more articles and resources about women and bleeding disorders to the chapter website and in the chapter newsletter.

 I had a meeting with Dr. Nickerson, on behalf of Dr. Postal, Dean of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. I was also able to get a meeting with Dr. Boyd, head of family physician program.  I piqued his interest and am hoping that we will be able to present at one of the major family physician conferences.  I have forwarded him some material from Toronto’s Conference.  As well, Dr. Woodgate, from the Faculty of Nursing, included news and information about CODEROUGE program and Toronto Conference for nurses in their regular educational updates and news. I have also communicated with physician assistants and they have already had their first presentation on women with bleeding disorders included in their program.

 On September 13th, 2012 our committee met to discuss its next steps.  One such step was to occur on Blood Day, held in November, 2012.   The Manitoba Chapter had planned to have a booth set-up with the CODEROUGE PowerPoint looping, pamphlets and posters available, power point from CHS to be timed and played. This event, however, changed format and awareness tables were not included. The Manitoba Chapter did use our Grey Cup Pool Ticket sale tables as awareness tables on Nov.23rd.  These took place at the Unicity Sobeys and the HSC to promote CODEROUGE material.

We are planning a second women’s gathering similar to the February 19th brunch, which was an excellent event that helped several women to use programs at the Women’s Clinic.  One woman was diagnosed with a rare bleeding disorder just by attending this education session. We have decided to host a breakfast, featuring a panel of doctors and members, as well as the presentation of an educational piece.  We are aiming to have this brunch early next year.  Dr.  Emily Rimmer will be asked to present and chair the panel.  Some of the possible topics which might be included are VWD basics and current info on menorrhagia.  Women’s Health Clinic and Klinic will likely be invited to participate.

I will continue to promote CODEROUGE material on my Hemophilia Mother page and my blog where I recently wrote about Toronto’s conference.

Milena Pirnat, Education Committee Chairperson