Peter Czehryn has been writing eggs for 40 years and now that he is retired, he is spending more time creating egg art.  He continues with traditional designs but now includes contemporary themes and styles.  This past Christmas he designed snowflake eggs for the first time and was pleased to see many people having an interest in this design, purchasing his egg art. In the past, he has given eggs as gifts to friends and family and now is accepting commissions from interested people.  Peter says he continues to learn and expand the scope of his art and it gives him great pleasure to see others appreciating this art form.

In the spring of 2020 Peter held the first #donationdozen auction through his Facebook page @eggartbypeter.  He was delighted to raise $3800.00 for the Foodbank at St. Mary’s Road United Church for which he and Paulette have volunteered for the last five years. Peter and Paulette are pleased to name the Canadian Hemophilia Society, MB Chapter as recipient of funds raised through the #2021 #donationdozen auction.

The auction for the first egg will begin on March 16th, and each day another egg will be auctioned off until the final auction which will occur on March 27th at 9 pm. The auction begins each day at 9AM and ends each evening at 9PM.  Please follow @eggartbypeter on Facebook or Instagram to bid or make your bid via email to  Bids can be made publicly or privately via messenger and they will update anonymous bids on the page. The photo is a sneak peek of the first six eggs and you can view the final six as they are completed and posted.

The full complement can be viewed by March 12th to help you decide on the eggs you are interested in bidding on. Peter and Paulette are planning a surprise for the final auction, so stay tuned! They are asking that you please share this event with friends and family to help them raise funds for a charity providing great support and education to the bleeding disorders community in Manitoba and Northern Ontario!!!