Hemophilia Netrunner Tournament

December 5, 2020 1 PM UTC- Jinteki.net

This charity Netrunner Tournament is hosted on Jinteki.net, running on December 5th, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Hemophilia Society, Manitoba Chapter (CHS-MC). This tournament fundraiser is hosted by Chapter member, Eric Keilback.

CHS-MC is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to improving the lives of those with inherited bleeding disorders in the Province of Manitoba. Proceeds from the Netrunner tournament will help fund many education programs like our Family Camp. We provide direct services such as providing wheelchair rentals, reimburse parking at the hospital and courier delivery of medication when a member is unable to collect it themselves. We support children, adults and their families who are managing hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. Please visit the Chapter website to see a comprehensive list of Member Services and Chapter programs.


Entry fee is a minimum donation of $10 CAD but Eric encourages you to donate more!

Donations can be sent via the donate button on this web page. In the notes section of your donation, please leave your Jinteki.net username. Once you have donated, you’ll be redirected to a google form where you can register with you decks and Jinteki.net username. If you would like to donate but cannot play, simply fill in the form with your mailing address, and you’ll receive a full playset of the participation alt art cards. The google form can also be found at this link: Registration Form

Tournament Legality

Format: Throwback

Using Standard Ban List 20.09 with the additional bans of Data Leak Reversal, Blackmail, Estelle Moon

This tournament will be run in the Throwback format, a new format devised for this tournament. Throwback has identical set legality and ban list legality, with two changes. A player may include up to three copies of a single rotated card in each of their decks or play as a rotated identity. Additionally, Data Leak Reversal, Blackmail and Estelle Moon have been added to the ban list, to improve deck diversity. For example, a player may play three copies of Desperado in their runner deck, while using Engineering the Future as their corporation ID. A short FAQ explaining Throwback will be at the bottom of this page.

Tournament Details: 

The tournament will be run on Jinteki.net on December 5th. starting at 1 PM UTC. The tournament will be run in Event 1 in the Nisei Online Event Hub Discord. It will also be streamed live on the Metropole Grid Twitch Channel! The following are important dates and times:

-Registration open NOW!

-Registration closes December 5th, 2:00 AM UTC. Donations will be accepted registration closes, but no new players will be allowed.

-Player meeting begins at 12:30 PM UTC

-First round pairings begin at 1 PM UTC.

Number of swiss rounds and cut size (if any) will be communicated closer to the tournament date. Hopefully we will run four to five rounds of swiss, and only in extremely circumstances will we run six.


Participation: Each participant will receive a playset of an alt art Clot drawn by Cat “Kysra” Shen

Top 16: Each top 16 finisher will receive a playset of 3D printed credit tokens made by Chris “Dragoonkin” Wionzek

Top of Faction: At the end of swiss, the top corp player in each faction will recieve an acrylic lasered ID from their faction.

Winner: The winner of the tournament will receive a lasered ID from EACH faction, as well as a special ID not yet revealed.

A large thank you to Jakuza for their donation of the lasered ID’s.

Throwback FAQ:

Q: What sets are considered “rotated” for the purposes of Throwback?

A: Original Core Set, Genesis Cycle, Spin Cycle, Lunar Cycle, Creation and Control, Terminal Directive


Q: Can I play two copies of a rotated card, and then a single copy of another rotated card in a single deck? Ie: Can I play two copies of Desperado and a single copy of Medium?

A: No, you are limited to a playset of a single card.


Q: Can I play Temujin Contract? Or Sensie Actor’s Union

A: No, both are currently banned under Standard Ban List 20.09, and your decklists must respect the current ban list.


Q: If I choose to play as a rotated identity, can I also play a playset of a rotated card? Ie, can I choose to play as Ayla, and also play up to three copies of Magnum Opus?

A: No, you are limited to either playing as a rotated identity, or a playset of a single card. In your example, you can either play as Ayla OR up to three copies of Magnum Opus.


Q: Can I play a current as my rotated card? Ie: Paywall Implementation

A: No, all cards with the Current subtype are banned under the 20.09 Ban List.


Q: Can I choose an identity as my rotated card, and start the game as a standard legal identity, for the express purpose of Rebirth and or DJ Fenris?

A: Yes, but it is the only valid rotated identity for you to Rebirth/DJ Fenris into.