3bbe21bed74342d4d712afc4b8221a6cTo the “royal” members of our hemophilia family.  The 14th annual Gala Dinner of Culinary Inspirations has the theme this year of A Royal Affair.   As a member of the prize committee, it is always an adventure seeking out the prizes for the evening event fundraiser.

In the past our members have helped us out either by donating gift cards, individual items or as family or a group of friend have donated actual prize packages of $500.00 in value or more.   With the Royal theme we would love to see a prize packages that relate to this year’s gala theme.



For example:

–          A Royal Outing: restaurant, movie, concert, or theatre tickets or gift certificates.

–          The Throne Room: bath or body products.

–          The Canadian Royal sport: hockey, football tickets, and clothing.

–          Treated Like a Royal: spa for both the queen and king.

–          Royal Children: games, book and toys for the littlest royals.

–          Royal Feast: cooking in your castle – what would you like to have if you had an amazing royal kitchen

Several members in the past have uses their Air Miles or bank card points to purchase items that have fit into other packages.

Along with the prize packages we also have a silent auction table.   This year we would like to have a selection of art so we can have our own royal gallery.   So if you have any original art pieces that you are able to donate we would love to use this in the silent auction during the evening.