If your child with an inherited bleeding disorder has a new teacher every year, or is changing schools, buying supplies is only the start of the needed preparations! We have some tools developed by the CHS that can help school personnel be more comfortable with and take better care of your child. Hemophilia: What School Personnel Should Know and Von Willebrand Disease; What School Personnel Should Know are  two excellent resources to start an open dialogue. We also have the video Hemophilia: What School Personnel Should Know, and would be happy to loan it out to families. We have copies of the booklets that we can provide to you. You can also download the booklets from the CHS website. For hemophilia go to http://bit.ly/1yRwWJx and for Von Willebrand Disease go to http://bit.ly/YpAqYJ

You likely will have a URIS (Unified Referral Intake Service)  nurse contact you about an emergency plan at school for your child. Please read the plan carefully as you are a partner in planning for your child, If there are instruction you are not comfortable with, you can request changes to the plan they have prepared. Upon request by a member, the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders nurses have worked with families in the past, to ensure a proper plan for a child is in place. Don’t assume the URIS plan is correct for your child.

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