blood-drop-2-menThe Chapter is reaching out to members with an invitation to the Guys Camping Trip on June 9th to 11th. This is open to men with bleeding disorders between the ages of 16 and 35 years of age. We may not have current contact for this group so please pass the information onto family members.

Last year was the first time we did this program:

  • Six guys left early on the Friday morning to drive to Kenora. We rented a van. Boat met them to take them to the island.
  • Spent Friday using the facilities at BB Camp: zip line, swimming, archery etc.
  • Saturday morning canoed out to overnight camping spot. There is a motor boat option as well. No need to worry about elbows. BB Camp provides tents etc. and staff. You just need clothes, toiletries, whatever meds you need, rain gear, entertainment and sleeping bag.
  • The guys enjoyed the day at the beach and hanging out.
  • Sunday am breakfast and back to camp
  • Came home in the afternoon.

We hope you will consider coming! The guys who went last year want to go again so you know it was worth going.

To register, download  Guys Camping Registration 2017, fill it out, and email it back. Please get it in as soon as possible so we will know if we need to rent a second vehicle. If you choose to drive, we will pay your gas and parking at the dock in Kenora. The only cost to you is any treats you choose to bring.

Note: No alcohol or drugs allowed.