JakeCongratulations to Jacob Figler for being accepted into the Step-Up and Reach-Out (SURO) Program. SURO is international advocacy program designed to provide hands-on leadership training to future patient organization leaders. SURO is targeted at 18-25 year olds who are interested in actively supporting their hemophilia communities. This program is supported by Bayer HealthCare. For program information, please visit: www.hemophilialead.net/SSL/#suro

Jacob will be travelling to San Francisco in October 2014 for the first stage of his training. He will meet successful SURO applicants from across the world. At this meeting they will concentrate on leadership skills and defining the hemophilia community. Before the second meeting in March 2015, Jacob will be researching the issues in our own community in preparation for developing a project plan to deliver in our Chapter. The second meeting will be in Panama.

Jacob is becoming a very active member in the Manitoba Chapter and we look forward to his project and participation! Jacob is a new member to the Chapter’s Board of Directors and has joined the Chapter’s Communications Committee as well as his commitment to the SURO program. We are so proud to have active young adults helping to build the future for Manitoba Chapter members.

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