20141007_132021Kathy’s party was held on Tuesday, October 7th at the Annie Bond Room in the Community Services Building. Thank you to Dawn Zawadski for partnering with the Chapter to hold the party and for all of her help in the planning. Thank you to Rose Jacobson for helping with the gifts and arranging speakers.

Thank you to Lara Rykiss for making Kathy a “Smart” cake featuring a page from the app HIRT? Thank you to her partner in that project, JoAnn Nilson for sending us screen captures to pick from. The app should be ready for launch at the end of November this year.

Thank you to Bruce and Katherine Cameron for helping set-up and for bringing baking. Thank you to Sandy Sprenger, Paulette Cote and Peter Czehryn for adding to the tasty treats,

Dr. Sarah Israels and Greig Blamey spoke on behalf of the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program. John Schmitke and Christine Keilback spoke on behalf of the Chapter. Kathy opened her presents and spoke about her work with people managing inherited bleeding disorders, The presentations were funny and moving. Thank you to all the speakers.


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