hemo-logoChapter members are invited to an evening of information about some of the new products we can expect to come to market soon. This evening will be held on Tuesday, April 7th at the Canad Inn Health Sciences Center. We’ll start at 6 pm. Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided.

We have three companies: Bayer HealthCare, Biogen Idec,and Octapharma making presentations. Dr, Jan North from Bayer HealthCare will be presenting, “Introduction to Bayer’s new recombinant Factor VIII: Kovaltry”. Dan Ignas  from Biogen Idec will be talking about their long-acting Factor 9 product, Alprolix and their extended half-life  Factor 8 product, Eloctate. Dr. Jennifer Humphries from Octapharma will be presenting,“ The Octapharma Commitment to Hemophilia”, and will be talking about their new Factor 8 product, Nuwiq and their  VwD product Wilate. Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program Nurse Coordinator, Dawn Zawadski will be presenting on personalized treatment.

There are many new products coming to market. Some sooner than others. As consumers, it will be important to be armed with as much information as possible. Information will help to make good decisions about products and treatment options. The CHS has a section of the website that discusses new products. www.hemophilia.ca/en/safe–secure-blood-supply/products-in-the-pipeline/

Please contact the office at 204.775.8625 or by email at info@hemophiliamb.ca to let us know you are coming!