hemo-logoThe Chapter’s Healthy Ageing Committee invites all members and their families to this day-long series of seminars to explore options to help improve your quality of life! We are very excited to bring in excellent speakers like Dr. Daniel Chorney from Halifax and Murray Milne from Ottawa. We also have a presentation by Dr. Colin Burnell, Orthopedic surgeon, who has replaced hips and knees for some of our members. His presentation will be followed by a panel of members who have had a variety of orthopedic procedures and who will share their experiences. The sessions address concerns communicated by the membership; managing pain, reduced mobility and concerns about  who will speak for them when they can’t.

Please join us at Delta Winnipeg for the day. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Please call or email the office by  November 9th to register.

Thank You to our Sponsors!

 Lvining! Seminar Poster Final w Sponsors