Hemophilia Insights is conducting a telephone-based study within the US and Canada to better understand treatment schedules for people affected by hemophilia A.  Honoraria of US $100 will be paid to all study participants.

The study is designed to gain a better understanding of the hemophilia community and obtain insights into infusion schedules.  The results will be used to develop relevant programs that meet the needs of the community and identify any product enhancements that could improve the delivery of factor products.


Eligibility Criteria:

Patients ages 18+ infusing on a prophylaxis schedule Caregivers for patients ages 2-17 who infuse on a prophylaxis schedule

We need your help to identify patients and caregivers who have high-speed computer access and are willing to spend 60 minutes with us on a telephone interview.


Please note that all information is maintained as confidential and anonymous.  No individual information or names of individuals who participate will be disclosed.  The list of participants will not be sold to any outside company.  The privacy of all participants is strictly maintained.

Hemophilia Insights, LLC, is a market research and insights company targeted only to the hemophilia community.  The team at Hemophilia Insights has conducted telephone interviews and web-based studies within the community and understands the sensitivities of patients and caregivers.

Please forward this email invitation to potentially interested patients and caregivers within your community.  Interested participants should


Bob Erwin: 917-450-4859

Robin Allen: 203-273-6182