Medical Alert BraceletCHS-MC Client Services – Medic Alert Bracelets

The Canadian Hemophilia Society, Manitoba Chapter’s current Client Services policy  currently covers the basic model Medic Alert bracelets or necklaces (limit of one every two years) and the first year enrollment fee; if the bracelet/necklace is lost or broken within the stated period, the Chapter will cover half the replacement cost only. Medic Alert applications can be sent directly from the Chapter or members can remit a receipt for reimbursement.  The Chapter does not cover your annual membership renewal fees.

No Child Without Program

Did you know that there is a program available through most schools in Manitoba that will pay for your child’s Medic Alert Bracelet membership and bracelet?  Neither did we. Thanks to information from one of our members, now, anyone with a child aged 4 to 14 who is attending a publically funded school can take advantage of the program.  They also offer a discount program for kids up until they turn 18.

There are some restrictions on which Medic Alert Bracelet/Necklace you can chose.  If you want a different one than offered, you can pay the upcharge.

You can check out the programs website at The site has information for parents, principals and school boards.  We were pleased to discover that a large number of schools are already participating.  If your school isn’t, make sure to forward the website information to you school principal.

Enrolling your child is easy.  Just follow the steps on their enrollment page:

For those of you with children over 14, they also offer a program called Student First which gives you a 20% deduction on your monthly fees (about $12 savings a year).

Universal Medical ID – An Alternative to Medic Alert

Universal Medical ID has existed for 20 years.  It works along the same principal as Medic Alert, but there is no membership fee.  Your bracelet or necklace is engraved with the information that you feel is important.  They also offer the option of a USB drive in your jewelry.

The Chapter office has spoken to them but we are unaware of any members who have accessed this program. If you have, please contact us.  The Chapter can’t make a recommendation at this point, but it looks like it would be worth a look, and possibly a try.

Universal Medical ID also offers My Interactive Health Record Jewelry.  With MIHR, each person is given a pin code.  With this code, emergency and medical personnel are able to get your medical details either by phone or internet.  It costs $20 to set up your medical information initially, but that is a one-time payment and then you can update the information as needed, at no cost.

They have a large selection of style options available.  You can check out the program at

Road ID

As we were gathering the information on medical identification jewelry, Craig Upshaw, President of CHS National, Craig Upshaw, dropped by.  He told us that he uses Road ID.  There is no membership fee for this option, and the products, while more limited in variety than the other two, are sleek and fun.  You can also have multiple interchangeable straps, so you can have a different colour or style for every day or the week.

Check out their website at This might be the version that best works for you.  There is even a version that combines with a Fitbit.

Be advised, this only allows you to wear the information.  There is no medical record available for Emergency or Medical Personnel, unless you have a phone number for your care team inscribed.

 AND you should still always carry your Factor First card with you too.