Member Services: Transportation



  • for members and immediate family (not friends) while member is an outpatient or in hospital
    • visits by the member for acute bleeds or clinic appointments would be totally covered.
  • one vehicle per day to current daily maximum;
  • tickets are accepted by some lots; They are held by the nurse coordinators and distributed to members as needed.
  • for lots that do not take the tickets, members may submit their receipts, within six months of date on receipt, for reimbursement.

Mileage for out-of-town medical care for members living 100 km or more from Winnipeg, and not eligible for other travel allowance programs;

Taxi to/from hospital

  • when there is a disabling situation,
  • maximum of five round trips per month;
  • members are required to call the Chapter office to arrange all taxi service from Monday to Friday.
  • In case of emergencies, after office hours and weekends/holidays members can call directly for service and remit a receipt to the Chapter for reimbursement.
  • Members using the service outside these guidelines risk having their privileges revoked for six months;
  • all other possible sources of funding and transport should be explored first (e.g., social services, public transportation)

Ambulance service – one ambulance per year up to 50% of the cost (maximum of $350) if no other source of funding is available

How to Apply:

  • Download and complete the Member Request for Service Form
  • Attach original receipts – receipts will be returned to you
  • Mail form and receipts to Chapter office: Canadian Hemophilia Society, Manitoba Chapter Suite 324, 120-1400 Ellice Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3G 0J1

NOTE: All Client Service claims must be made within six months of receiving the service.