CHS-MC Programs

CHS-MC is proud to offer many different programs to the membership. Some of the programs are open to all of our members and some are open only to those with inherited bleeding disorders.

To download a membership application form: CHS & CHS_MC Membership Registration Form

CHS-MC Bleeding Disorders Camp

Chapter children under 17 years of age with a bleeding disorder and their immediate family members are invited to attend, Bleeding Disorders Camp every summer at Luther Village, near Kenora, Ontario.  Located on the beautiful shores of Dogtooth Lake, Luther Village has much to offer including programming for children, three prepared meals a-day, comfortable accommodations, and activities for the whole family, hiking trails, boating, and more.  A Manitoba Bleeding Disorders nurse accompanies Chapter families and delivers education sessions and medical care. To learn more: CHS-MC Bleeding Disorders Camp




Sports Bursary Program

The Sports Bursary Program is a CHS-MC funded program to promote a healthy lifestyle for children and youth with bleeding disorders through safe physical activities. Chapter youth 17 years and younger , with a moderate to severe bleeding disorder qualify to apply. To learn more: Sports Bursary Program




 CODERouge; When Women Bleed Too Much

CODERouge is a program specifically targeted at health care providers and women in the general public, and women within the inherited bleeding disorders community. The goal of CODERouge is to identify undiagnosed women with bleeding disorders and ensure that they have access to appropriate medical care from health care providers with expertise in bleeding disorders and the specific issues that relate to women. To learn more: CHS-MC CODERouge




Just the Guys Getaway

The Just the Guys Getaway program offers Chapter fathers and their sons with an inherited bleeding disorder a weekend of fun and education.  This is an exciting opportunity to connect and grow together through safe  fun-filled group activities. Hemophilia Care team members from the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program accompany the group to offer the education sessions. To learn more: CHS-MC Just the Guys Getaway




CHS-MC Post-Secondary Award Program (Scholarships)

The CHS-MC post-secondary award program was developed to provide support to members living with inherited bleeding disorders who are pursuing post-secondary studies. A maximum of two awards of $1,000 may be awarded annually. Successful applicants will receive their award through the educational institution which they attend.

ITo learn more: CHS-MC Post-Secondary Award




Elderly 2Healthy Aging Program

Gratefully, with improved treatments and access to a comprehensive care team, the community of people with inherited bleeding disorders is quickly nearing the normal average life expectancy!  As a segment of our community moves towards advanced age, there will be new challenges to address and overcome. As a result the Healthy Aging Committee was created. This group of Chapter volunteers is working towards preparing the Chapter to meet the new needs of our members and providing our aging members with the resources they need to maximize their quality of life. To learn more: Healthy Aging