Did you know that it is National Pain Awareness week? There are groups in Canada that are working together to raise awareness about the consequences of living with chronic pain and who advocate for better pain management for acute and chronic pain. The Canadian Pain Coalition is comprised of patient organizations, health care professional and  scientists.

Information about the Canadian Pain Coalition and Pain Awareness week is available on the Canadian Pain Coalition website: www.canadianpaincoalition.ca/index.php/en/

The Canadian Pain Society is equally diverse in their membership:  www.canadianpainsociety.ca/en/index.html

Pain is an unpleasant part of living with an inherited bleeding disorder.  Pain in our community can be acute and/or chronic. It is important to educate yourself to be able to recognize the impact pain can have on your life and to be better able to advocate for yourself. The CHS has developed a resource: “Pain; The Fifth Vital Sign – A Resource for People with Bleeding Disorders”.  Pain-5th vital sign