pep-logo-cropped-for-webParents Empowering Parents Workshop (PEP)

CHS-MC is partnering with Hemophilia Saskatchewan to deliver a PEP workshop, April 28th to April 30th. PEP is a program that promotes effective parenting skills to parents of children with inherited bleeding disorders. Parenting and managing an inherited bleeding disorder can present some unique challenges! The workshop is facilitated by trained bleeding disorder parents and HTC members. This is the third PEP workshop CHS-MC has offered to members. Here are some things our families have said about PEP:

  • Great tips
  • Met new people going through similar situations
  • I find that it just gave us more ideas to handle different situations

The traditional delivery of this program asks parents to commit to participating for the whole weekend, without bringing their children. We have been creative in the past to accommodate families that don’t have child care for a weekend. If you are at all interested, please contact Patty Phrakonkham-Ali, BSW, RSW at or contact the Chapter at Once we know who is interested in participating, who can manage childcare or not, and if you can travel to the workshop, we will get creative in how we can make this work for our families!