researchSelf Care Catalysts, a patient research and solutions company based in Toronto, is currently conducting a study in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba¬†and Quebec, on patient and caregiver experiences in the field of hemophilia A. The research will focus on the patient’s journey with hemophilia A, aspects of daily living and self-care, and opportunities to support patients better.

Here are the details if you wish to share your experiences as a patient or a caregiver for someone with hemophilia A in a phone interview:

  • 60-minute interview
  • For scheduling in mid-June
  • Confidential phone interview
  • A compensation of $150 will be given for your time

The interview is completely confidential and your identity will not be revealed. Results will be aggregated with other interviews.

There is also a possibility of participating in a seven-day journaling exercise to share your thoughts around living with hemophilia A.

  • An additional $150 for this portion of the study will be given
  • The exercise will be done through an easy to use, free self-care app which can be accessed through a computer or via a smartphone

If you are interested and are from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba or Quebec, please contact Alisha or call toll-free at 1-844-475-4637 to book your preferred day and time.