The Western division of the Canadian Association of Nurses in Hemophilia Care published a very helpful booklet to help people with bleeding disorders travel safely. No one wants to have a bleeding episode while they are on vacation, but it does happen. This booklet gives pointers on how to plan for a trip to minimize the potential for bleeds and planning ahead so that you know where the Hemophilia Treatment Centers are where you are going.

The poll on the home page of the Chapter website is asking if you have a travel letter ready for the summer. Do you? It will tell Emergency staff or an unfamiliar Hemophilia Care Team the information they will need to give you the best treatment. It includes contact information for your Care Team. It is an easy thing to acquire. Call your Hemophilia Care team office and ask! This letter is valuable in the case of an emergency. A travel letter can also help you avoid delays at airports as it explains the need for the medication and supplies you will be traveling with.

The Planning Travel: A Guide for People With Bleeding Disorders is available at the Chapter office. You can drop by to pick one up or we can mail one out to you.