Winnipeg was the proud host of Rendez-Vous 2013, May 23rd to May 26th at the historic Hotel Fort Gary. The Canadian Hemophilia Society staff did an excellent job in the planning and execution of the weekend.

CHS-MC members were the bulk of the volunteer force for the event. The Chapter wanted to put a personal touch to our service to the delegates. Thank you to Bill Featherstone, Tony Tavares and Bruce Cameron for helping to pack the delegate welcome bags. Chapter volunteers met delegates at the airport on May 23rd and 24th, and delivered them to the Hotel Fort Gary. Thank you to our drivers: Wayne Wolanski, Cory Prestayko, John Schmitke, John Rogasky, Bruce Cameron, Kathy Mulder and Bojan Pirnat. Thank you to our airport greeter, Tony Tavares. Delegates commented all weekend on how much they appreciated the personal and friendly service.

Registration for the event occurred Thursday night and Friday morning. Chapter volunteers were happy to assist the CHS staff in getting delegates through registration quickly. Thank you to Katherine Cameron, Bruce Cameron and Peter Czehryn.

CHS-MC members worked at the Chapter display table from 7 am to 7 pm on Friday the 24th. These volunteers gave out two resources that were developed by Manitobans; Sexual Health in Hemophilia; Preventing Joint & Muscle Injuries by our own Greig Blamey and Hemophilia from diagnosis to home care: Support for the journey by Nora Schwetz and Manitoba patient group. The Chapter provided a DVD of the Chapter’s operating documents related to governance, client services, programs, fundraising and education. We hope that other Chapter’s will share their materials with us as well! Thank you to the volunteers worked at the Chapter table: Eric Keilback, Owen Perkins, Kathy Latour, Silvana Moran, Ashley Tolton, Donna Rogasky, John Rogasky, Cory Prestayko and Marlene Permanand.

Congratulations to the Manitoba Bleeding Disorders Program for their work in creating the program for Friday’s Medical and Scientific Symposium. It was an opportunity to hear speakers from all across the country talk about the most current topics in bleeding disorders. Topics included personalizing prophylaxis, longer half-life clotting factor concentrates, gene therapy, occupation and social adaptation, weight loss, and sport and activity. Thank you to Chapter members who participated in the panel discussion on youth and prophylaxis: David Menticoglou, Silvana Moran, Owen Perkins, Cory Prestayko, and john Schmitke. Thank you to Christine Keilback for participating in the debate; less frequent infusions or higher trough levels.

CHS-MC Board Members participated in the community programs. Ashley Tolton is the CHS-MC Volunteer Chairperson and the CHS Chapter Relations Chairperson. Ashley helped to deliver the seminar on the how the Chapters and National can work together more cohesively. The Manitoba Chapter designated director to the CHS Board of Directors is CHS-MC Chapter President, John Rogasky. John attended the events of the weekend as well as his second CHS Board meeting; the first being a teleconference in advance of Rendez-Vous. John may well be this Canada’s first Chapter President who has a rare bleeding disorder. CHS-MC can be proud of how we have included all people with inherited bleeding disorders into our Chapter.

Congratulations to Bill Featherstone and Christine Keilback who were honored at the CHS Annual General Meeting for their work for the bleeding disorders community. Bill received the Chapter Leadership Award. This award is given to an individual who has merited special national recognition for outstanding efforts to further the growth and development of a particular chapter. Christine Keilback received the Pierre Latreille Award. This award for excellence is given to an employee of the CHS who has demonstrated skills, dedication and accomplishments beyond the normal duties of an employee.  

Thank you to David Page, Hélène Bourgaize, Rachel Leslie, Joyce Argall and Michel Long for including the CHS-MC Chapter staff and volunteers in the execution of the Rendez-Vous 2013. The CHS team is seamless in their management of such a huge project. It was very exciting to witness such a well oiled machine at work.

Best wishes to the host of Rendez-Vous 2015!