DeniMy experience at the Rendez-Vous and the “Aging with Bleeding Disorders” workshop

This was my first opportunity to attend Rendez-Vous and I had a great time! I was initially very interested in attending the Advocacy workshop, but it was unfortunately only available to sponsored volunteers. Since that option was closed to me, I decided to take my chances with the “Aging with Bleeding Disorders” workshop and I’m so glad I did. I found the workshop very well organized. We were divided into three groups, each discussing different topics. Each group tried to pinpoint critical issues, discuss an existing problem and to offer advice and solutions. Finally, the representative of each group reported back to the larger group and it was amazing to see how the teamwork resulted in some great solutions to the problems. The discussions we had were thought provoking and it was definitely an excellent opportunity to meet new people and learn from their perspectives.

I have attended a few different Hemophilia conferences in the past and wasn’t sure what to expect from the medical seminar since it was smaller than I was used to and had a limited number of presenters.  To my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be one of the most valuable events I’ve attended in recent years. I found it very educational and the smaller size permitted me to attend all the available sessions instead of having to pick and choose like at the bigger conferences. The presentations were all of high quality as well as the selection of presenters. It was an excellent opportunity to learn what the next steps in bleeding disorders treatment are and to meet some of the leading experts in the field.

I would like to extend a big thank you to the organizers for putting together such an outstanding event. The 2017 Rendez-Vous was excellently organized and very smoothly run. The location, the venue and food were all first-rate. I think this was definitely the best event I attended in a long time. Rendez-vous was a great opportunity to bring together patients, medical providers and the hemophilia chapter leaders to share and learn from each other’s experiences and stay on the forefront of the newest developments in the pharmaceutical industry. I would definitely come to the Rendez-vous again.

On a personal note: there are two main reasons that brought me to this event. I am a medical educator and the father of a hemophiliac son who now lives in Toronto. My wife Milena who sits on the Board of directors of CHS-MC was sponsored by CHS National and my son Bojan, who is a past Board director of CHS-MC and now serves on Hemophilia Ontario’s Board of Directors of the Ontario chapter, was at Rendez-vous as a representative. Bojan’s girlfriend Laura joined us at the Saturday evening banquet at the CHS National Awards event and gave us all a chance to see each other all together. Borys, the newest member of our chapter also joined us at the banquet dinner, as a new addition to our bigger bleeding disorders family. Isn’t our rendez-vous at Rendez-vous what these events are all about…bringing together family?

Deni Pirnat