Our very own Adult program physiotherapist, Greig Blamey, has written a much needed resource for the hemophilia community. Sexual health is an important component to everyone’s life and bleeding episodes and target joints can create some challenges for people with hemophilia.

Discussing sex and bleeding caused by sexual activity can be a difficult topic to broach with your Hemophilia Care Team. This booklet will make it easier to open a dialogue. The book will also be helpful for partners to make better choices when the person with hemophilia is recovering from a bleeding episode or has a target joint.

The book discusses 11 specific sexual positions and the demands those positions make on joints and muscles; ranging from least at risk to most at risk. The book has very tasteful illustrations to show where these risk areas are and there are descriptions of which muscles and joints are being used. The back of the book has summary charts for both heterosexual and homosexual men.

Safe sexual activity is an important part of a happy, healthy life.  The book is designed to help make choices to maintain or improve your sexual health and to help you discuss issues with your partner and your Hemophilia Care Team.

Copies of the book are available at the office: info@hemophiliamb.ca  We would be happy to post a copy to you. The Chapter will have copies available at appropriate education events. Manitoba members can also ask Greig and the rest of the Hemophilia Care Team for a copy.

Congratulations to Greig for bringing this resource to the hemophilia community. Greig presented the book at the World Congress of Hemophilia in Paris this July. It was very well received and it generated a lot of thoughtful discussion. There were many positive comments from the attendees with hemophilia and the health care professionals present. Many copies of the book were distributed after the presentation. The book has been distributed to Hemophilia Treatment Centers across Canada.