Stuart Johnson Award Recipients

Manitoba Hemophilia Gala - The 40th anniversary of the Manitoba chapter.

John Rogasky, 2015

John Rogasky  received the CHS-MC Stuart Johnson Award in 2015 in appreciation of his dedication and hard work on the behalf of the inherited bleeding disorders community. In 2015 John Rogasky was the current Chapter President.  John represents our organization’s commitment to welcoming people with all inherited bleeding disorders. He is our first President with a rare bleeding disorder.

John has a real passion for advancing treatment and care for people with rare bleeding disorders and has been involved in the first and only two national conferences for people managing rare bleeding disorders.

John is the Chair for the Chapter’s Healthy Aging Committee.  As medications and care have improved, we now have, for the first time, a significant population in our community, who will live to see their golden years.  John works to encourage the Chapter and the healthcare system to be proactive in preparing for the new challenges our again population will experience.

John’s enthusiasm for his volunteer work is contagious.  In 2007 he was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” for his work with the Gala Dinner fundrasier. In 2015, the Gala Committee affectionately called him, “John of the five tables” because he has 5 tables of co-workers, friends and family at the event. John challenges the Chapter to ensure that we are financially sustainable so that we can continue to provide programs, services, and advocacy and provide education and support to the inherited bleeding disorders community in Manitoba.



Antonio (Tony) Tavares, 2003

As of 2015 Canadian Hemophilia Society Manitoba Chapter (CHSMC) Board Elections, Tony Tavares has served on the Chapter Board of Directors for 34 years. In that time, Tony, has volunteered on every Chapter working committee, been involved in mentoring and supporting others with bleeding disorders through community building and advocacy .

At a young age, Tony reached out on his own for support from the hemophilia community in Winnipeg. After joining a Boys Club, run through the Manitoba Disability Centre, he got to know other boys affected with a bleeding disorder. The Boys Club connected him to the CHSMC through a Christmas party. After receiving support and information from CHSMC and from others living with bleeding disorders, Tony immediately decided to give back and got involved. At age 13, he started volunteering by distributing flyers on car windshields for a chapter fundraiser. As time went on he got more involved and  at age 17, he became a youth director, a liaison between the CHSMC Board of Directors and its youth. At 18, Tony became a full member of the board and didn’t look back.  Over his 34 years and counting on the board he served as director, vice-president, president and past- president. Over three decades later, he is still an active member of the Manitoba Chapter Board of Directors, contributing a wealth of knowledge about the chapter, its history and past practices. He continues his involvement with  CHSMC as a current board member and a member of the Healthy Aging Committee and the Golf Committee. In 2015 the City of Winnipeg recognized Tony’s valuable contribution to the bleeding disorders community by awarding him the City of Winnipeg Outstanding Leadership award.


1996 Edward Kubin

1993 James Smythe

1990 Stuart Johnson