The CHS-MC/Mongolia Twinning partnership was awarded the 2017 Hemophilia Organizational Twins of the Year the afternoon of May 23rd. It was wonderful to have so many people from the Twinning project in Glasgow to accept the award. We miss the committee members from both groups who couldn’t be here (Alex & Nick Czehryn from MB) but we certainly share the award with them!!

The Congress was an excellent opportunity for the the two groups to have face-to-face meetings with Sachi Satapathy, the WFH Regional Manager for South Asia and East Asia. This allowed the two groups to go over the Action Plan for 2018 which includes a trip to Manitoba! The Twinning team from Manitoba hopes to host 3 members from the Mongolia National Hemophilia Association (MNHA) in July so that we can take them out to Family Camp for a day. It is a goal of the MNHA to be able to offer a camp program in Mongolia.