Volunteer of the Year Award


2017 Recipient: Dana Beljanic

Dana has invested so much of her time and talent to the Chapter’s largest fundraiser, the Annual Gala Dinner. Dana joined the committee in 2013; planning for the 2014 event. It didn’t take long for the Gala Committee members to identify Dana’s professional management skills and her ability to build a successful team. (Dana also brings delicious treats to meetings) Dana became co-chair of the Gala in 2015 and in 2016 she took the reins. Under her supervision, many efficiencies have improved the delivery and effectiveness of this valued fundraiser. Dana has built strong relationships in the community that have benefitted the Chapter. Dana can also be counted on to help out with the annual golf tournament and selling Grey Cup Pool tickets!

2015 ReciKathy C Awardpient: Katherine Cameron

Katherine supports the Chapter with her volunteer work in a variety of ways. She started fundraising for the Chapter as a member of the Gala Committee in 2007 and continues to contribute to this event. Katherine was a founding member of the Chapter’s Volunteer Committee and helped to build the Chapter’s successful volunteer program. She has been integral to thanking our volunteers with appreciation events. Katherine also sits on the Chapter’s Golf Tournament Committee and manages this event’s volunteers. Katherine is a valued member of the Healthy Ageing Committee and brings her past experience as a WRHA Homecare Social Worker to the membership.



2014 Milena AwardRecipient: Milena Pirnat

Milena spends a huge amount of her personal time volunteering on behalf of the inherited bleeding disorders community in Manitoba. Milena is Chair of the Education Committee and works to provide quality education sessions and opportunities to the Chapter membership. Milena is also a CodeRouge Ambassador and is involved with awareness activities for women with bleeding disorders. Milena is also very involved with the Chapter’s Healthy Ageing Committee. Milena has encouraged the Chapter to participate in the World Federation of Hemophilia’s Twinning program and is now exploring the possibility of the Chapter applying for a Twining partnership!



2012 Reci2013_04_23_0041pient: Shane Keilback

Shane Keilback celebrated his 10th year of service to the CHS-MC Board of Directors at the 2013 Annual General Meeting. Shane has participated on many of the Board committees including: Youth Committee, Client Services, Constitution Committee, Scholarship Committee and the Gala Committee. He regularly volunteers to help at Chapter events like the Golf Tournament and Garage Sale as well as errands and jobs around the office.






AGM_0527(1)2011 Recipient: Bruce Cameron

Bruce Cameron sits on the Board of Directors, Volunteer Committee and the Gala Committee and assists where he can with all the other projects and fundraisers. Bruce uses every opportunity he can to thank donors and sponsors and is first person to volunteer to work at a public awareness table. In addition to his committee work he is willing to help on any project big or small from stuffing envelopes to making floral displays for the front office window.




2011CHS MB AGM_3263 (Large) 2010 Recipient: CHS-MC Volunteer Committee

The members of the CHS-MC Volunteer Committee were awarded Volunteer of the Year by the CHS-MC Board of Directors and Chapter membership for their work in creating a professional volunteer program for the Chapter. Committee Chairman, Ashley Tolton, Committee members Bev Jones, Bruce and Katherine Cameron, and Wayne Wolanski  worked for two years to complete the program which includes a volunteer handbook, job descriptions, recruitment and retention guidelines and expansion of the Chapter’s volunteer recognition program.



CHS MC AGM 2010_0225 cropped2009 Recipient: Wayne Wolanski

Wayne Wolanski sat on the CHS-MC Board of Directors for 10 years. In that time he contributed to many committees such as the Bingo Commitee and the Volunteer Committee. Wayne was awarded the Volunteer of the year for bringing the Grey Cup Pool fundraiser to the Chapter. Wayne chaired the committee and successfully ran a profitable pool. The Chapter membership embraced the fundraiser and  Wayne recruited 40 sellers the first year by telephoning members from the Chapter office.



50380011-0012008 Recipient; Ashley Tolton

Ashley Tolton was awarded Volunteer of the Year for her work fundraising and for taking on the role as the Chair of the Chapter’s newly created Volunteer Committee. Ashley was a key volunteer on the Puma Road Running Committee. She designed the registration form and sponsorship program. Ashley  worked very hard on the execution of the event.  Ashley took on the leadership role in creating a Volunteer Committee for the Chapter. Her goals are to create a professional volunteer program that will help recruit and retain volunteers for the Chapter.



John Vol Year-0012007 Recipient: John Rogasky

John Rogasky was awarded the Volunteer of the Year for his work as Chair of the Gala Committee. John brought many new ideas to this fundraiser. He encouraged the Chapter to seek out sponsorships outside of pharmaceutical companies and make enduring relationships within the greater community. His enthusiasm is infectious. John leads the Gala Committee to create a very professional event for the inherited bleeding disorders community.




2006 Ingrid Olson

2005 Paulette Cote and Cory Prestayko

2004 Tomas Moran

2003 Tony Tavares

2002 Stacey Kubin & Christine Keilback